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We're committed to providing high-quality legal services to all our clients
When it comes to legal matters, especially when bankruptcy law is involved, it is important to find a firm that you can rely on and trust. At Anderson Law Firm in Archdale, NC our team's legal services, experience, advice, and knowledge ensure that you’ll receive committed and personalized representation. 

Ron Anderson graduated High School from Asheboro in 1989. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Tulsa. Ron's primary area of practice is consumer bankruptcy law; he has successfully represented hundreds of clients in successful Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases since 1998. 
He and his wife, Martha Tennant Anderson have been married since 1984 and they have three children together. Martha has taught at Randleman Middle School for over fifteen years. Ron Anderson is the compassionate, caring attorney you need as an advocate for your rights when facing difficult financial circumstances. 
Don't face bankruptcy matters without professional assistance, contact Anderson Law Firm and let us help you. Bankruptcy happens! Don't put off your new beginning any longer. We can help you discreetly, professionally, and effectively. Call us today!

Relieve your legal stress

The highly complex nature of most legal matters can make finding an attorney extremely stressful. At Anderson Law Firm in Archdale, our skilled lawyers work with you to help you understand the details of any legal process that you might be facing. Our personalized legal services will simplify matters, limit your stress, and build your trust.

Reliable legal advice

We understand the importance of getting sound and efficient legal services. At Anderson Law Firm in Archdale, our staff will schedule your initial and subsequent bankruptcy consultations at a time that works with your schedule. We believe that the sooner we can meet with you, the sooner we can help you resolve your bankruptcy and financial matters. That’s why we offer free one-on-one consultations with an Anderson Law Firm bankruptcy attorney who understands your legal concerns. Contact our firm today in Archdale.

You can count on us

We are committed to providing stellar customer service. In addition we will provide detailed research and fine legal services. If you are facing bankruptcy, let Anderson Law Firm represent and take care of you. Our team will stand by your side, and guide you in your times of financial distress. You can count on us to represent you!
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